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We’ve made it safe and easy for you to pay us part-time or full-time for the service you need.

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1. Simply fill out the form (client intake form) and submit it to us for a review

2 . Book your free 30-minute consultation if you have further questions

 3. Review and sign our agreement, which will be based on your specific needs

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Services and Pricing

A Few of the Services We Offer - But There are Much More!

Administrative Support

Daily office duties. Scheduling events, file organization, email administration, and phone management, Organizing and making travel arrangements, Taking care of incoming calls, and making calls on your behalf.

Bookkeeping Services

Maintaining Financial Records. Bring financial data into single reports, record, store, and retrieve financial transactions for your business. Bill Payment and Invoice Generation, Create Financial Statements, Preparing Taxes, Making Business Purchases

Customer Service Support

Maintaining solid customer relationships, such as meeting customers’ requirements and serving them better, helping customers fix an issue in the most seamless and timely manner. Maintenance and upgradation of systems, sharing customers' feedback with the relevant departments for growth and development at various levels. 

Data Entry & CRM Support

Gather and input data. Data cleanup, such as removing duplicate records, Creating and updating databases, and creating full and comprehensive data reports that are needed by the business for their various analyses, removing duplicate records.

Project Management

Taking charge of starting, designing, planning, carrying out, overseeing, and completing projects. Manage teams, facilitate commitment, inspire team members, and share project milestone updates.

Personal Assistant

Researching and organizing managing guest list, booking

and arranging travel, transport, and accommodation. Organizing events and conferences, reminding of important tasks and deadlines, typing, compiling, and preparing reports, presentations, and correspondence.

Social Media Services

Assisting with account management, and group admin tasks. Manage regular posting schedule of event promotions. Review analytics to assess success and recommend improvements for future ads. Monitor and respond to comments and direct messages in a timely manner.

Transcription Service

Transcribe dictated recordings by utilizing transcription equipment. listen to recordings and transcribe recordings to text files. Prepare memos, correspondence, reports, and other documents as requested. Compose, modify, and proofread correspondence. Reviewing grammar, punctuation, and spelling prior to submission. 

Travel Management

Planning travel itineraries with detailed transfers. Researching new and interesting places to visit, and making travel arrangements and reservations. Maintain, manage and update travel expense sheets as required. Make arrangements for any unprepared changes in plans. Researching and finding the best travel-related deals online.

Pricing Plans

Pricing Plans

We adore the administrative side of things. We enjoy crunching numbers. Sorting inboxes is one of our favorite things to do. Client management and follow-up are two of our favorite things to do. It's a superpower of ours!

Basic Plan


$18 Hourly Rate x 40 Hours

40 Hours/ 30 Days

  • General Administrative Support 

  • Respond to emails and phone calls

  • Scheduling meetings

  • Booking travel accommodations

  • Customer Service Support

  • Create presentations, as assigned

  • Calendar Management, etc.

Advanced Plan


$18 Hourly Rate x 60 Hours

60 Hours/ Month

  • Project Management

  • Content Creation

  • Data Entry/ Bookkeeping

  • Transcription Services

  • Internet and Market Research

  • Social Media Management

  • Team Management

Custom Plan


$18 Hourly Rate x custom plan

Suitable for Your Needs

If you require a more advanced package with four or more hours each day, this can be discussed and tailored to your requirements. To get started, please click the tab below.

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